Sunday, December 19, 2010

Craiges List Find

Sometimes I go quite far for a Craige's List find. I was looking for a bed for a customer who's daughter had MS. They wanted to get her a bed fit for a princess, since she went through so many bouts of bed rest.  I found an add on Craige's for an ornate bedroom set,  I went a long way to pick it up.

She wanted $150.00 it was beautiful. It was in really bad shape. The lady said that she was ready for a change. I bought the vanity as well even though my customers only needed the bed. There were areas missing on the tops of the vanity. Both pieces were in really bad shape and even some of the scroll work was missing. I paid her price, I felt she needed the money and didn't try to talk her down. I like to be fair to people and if they have a good price, then I am willing to pay that price.

Oh my, I knew this was a really a beauty and would be wonderful for their daughter.

I took these three pictures of the vanity and then the battery went dead. I had to work on these today. I went ahead and finished the pieces with out a before of the bed. It looked just like the vanity. Old dried out and had seen a much better day.

     I got to work with some liquid sand and wiped the pieces down completely. I pulled off any broken scroll work so the sides balanced with anything that was missing. I sanded and glued the parts that were loose and finally started to prime the pieces. I got both of them primed and the mother came by to see what I had gotten for her daughter.  She loved the bed primed just like it was and wanted the bed to come home just like that. She loved the shabby look of all of the rather thin areas and loved that it still looked old and yet somehow elegant.  I told her it was fine and that we could sand it a little to make sure there were no drips or brush hairs in the paint and I would bring it to her house. Her little girl was thrilled. 

The detail on this bed was incredible. I sold the vanity as well. It was not hard to after it was completely painted. It went really fast and I must say the $150. investment brought me a huge profit.

I had fun doing these pieces especially when I saw how happy the people were who got them.  They were very excited to get the bed for their daughter and she loved it.



  1. Wow an incredible set! Nice find. And nothing beats an incredible profit ;) YES!

  2. Amazing pieces and $150 seems very reasonable to me - you must have been thrilled to find these. I hope your young customer will enjoy them. -amy
    PS What is liquid sand?

  3. I think those pieces are gorgeous. You did a really nice job on that vanity. So pretty!
    thanks for linking up.


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