Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Vignette's in my Home

I don't always go with the traditional colors that we as American's know. I love the pink ornaments and lived in Germany for three years where the silver and pink are very traditional. Here is one of the things I like to do is to put old ornaments into old silver plate bowls.

Or pick a cute container like this baby bed to display ornaments that i have picked up. This was from one of my shows, it makes a really cute vignette in any home.

This is an adorable vignette in my office area. I think it turned out really cute. I made the pink ornaments with a bit of ostrich feathers on them. They turned out really cute. I love my pink Santa too.

I made about ten of these last year for gifts. I had fun making them and they are so pretty that I keep mine up all year round. It is nice to have a wreath that can be used for every season.

For some more great ideas you can go to this special blog French Country Cottage


  1. Your displays are beautiful! The baby bed one is my favorite.

  2. That wreath looks nice.
    Yes i think christmas is Germany is very special;)
    Lovely greetings...

    Ps: Guess who`s your new follower;)

  3. Having been brought up in Germany I can agree with you. I love your displays and was quite taken with some of the other projects you have on this blog. I too like to put objetcs in bowls to create an interesting effect but you are much more talented than me.I've signed up to be your latest follower.
    Carol from

  4. I'm loving those ornaments. Some of the first antique ornaments I bought were Polish and were pink. They were so fragile. I still can feel the ping in my heart when out of the corner of my eye the tree took a tumble and I broke half of them! Have a wonderful Holiday and thanks for visiting our vignette :)

  5. your ornaments are very pretty. I like your wreath too, you did a nice job!
    thanks for linking up.

  6. Your pink tree is gorgeous! Love the way you have displayed your ornaments!

  7. Love all your pink decorations. Very pretty ornaments. Thanks for joining the party. If you would please add a link to the party in your post so others may find the party.

  8. Lovin' all your PINK decor...sooooo PRETTY! Look you have a new's ME!!!!


  9. Hi there~ Back again to say thank you for sharing this gorgeous pinkness at Feathered Nest Friday! I really love your little baby cradle with the pink treasures- I have a few doll items and might have to try something like this- and that tree is so charming!


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