Thursday, December 30, 2010

Back from the Beach

I am back and I must say I have a wonderful time when my grand kids are involved. We flew to Cocoa Beach because we only had 6 days, driving would have taken just about 3 of the days totally away.

 Our first morning we went to the beach to catch the sunrise. It was amazing and no one was there so I didn't have to pause to keep people out of my pictures. I was snapping away while my husband talked to a surfer, he did not get any pictures that were of the actual sunrise. I love the silhouette of the sea oats they always add so much to my photos.

They don't realize it but they are protecting these beautiful sea oats right out of existence.  A plant has to be picked and cut to be able to be healthy and come back.  If you don't stimulate the plant to come back it won't. When you prune a plant it comes back twice as full and beautiful.

 Our funky bamboo lamp was decorated so pretty I had to get a picture, the stocking were hung from the staircase and my daughter had decorated the wall with wrapping paper trees. It all looked really festive.

We have a chalk board wall by the kitchen that is a lot of fun.  Our family's can leave a message for the next family that is going to use the house and it is fun to see what everyone has to say.

Casper loves to sun himself on the deck, he is one of my grand dogs. I painted the deck the last time I was there and it turned out so cute. The deck is dying and needs to be replaced but we are holding out for a few years. There is so much to do when you buy a place and want to fix things. We got a surprise of having to replace the air conditioning unit so that took a lot of our budget the first year.

We now have a Tiki, we almost had two. My husband likes to buy things right before Christmas and he usually has the same item already wrapped and under the tree. I love this Tiki he is perfect for our house.

Here is after we opened all of our gifts, oh my. Everyone had such a great Christmas and it was so fun watching my grand children open their gifts. Eleven people in the little house, it was a lot of fun to be together.

Rudolph somehow ended up with fangs, one person would erase them and another would add them back.  There is Morgen in the background with her new apron on making our Christmas dinner. It was all so good.


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  1. Ooh, it looks like you had so much fun! The fangs are one thing, but did you didn't notice the evil read eyes!! Hilarious. Also- my daughter does the "buy things she wants right before Christmas" thing too, drives us all crazy. One last note - maybe the powers that be do "control picking and cutting" on the oats to keep them healthy? Have a good new year's!!


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