Saturday, November 20, 2010

Yeah!!! I Sold the Dragon in the Laundry Room

This Dragon was purchased a long time ago and my husband refused to put it up. I guess it was not his taste. I had all kinds of plans for it in one of my gardens. Oh well, I put it on Ebay yesterday because this Dragon has been in my laundry room for a very long time.  I got an e-mail today saying that someone had purchased this guy for $150. Yeah!!! I put that for my over the top buy it now price. I just listed this darling yesterday... BYE BYE Puff, you were so cute in there with the "It ain't easy being queen" sign hanging from your tail.
     I see all of the wonderful things that you guys do on all of your wonderful blogs and  it just inspires me to remodel the whole house. I will show you some pictures of the start of the laundry remodel next week and a few other small projects.

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