Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Ugly Little Pantry

This is my ugly little pantry. This pantry was stuffed full of containers that I thought I needed to save. It also had place mats from when my girls were young. ( 20 years ago) I even had little Christmas houses stored in here and found cookie tins from who knows when. I took bags of stuff to the thrift shop and donated them. My grand kids got the place mats and I actually found a few large jars that I could use in my revamped pantry. So I saw a pantry redone on  The House of Smith's it is really cute so I kind of went with the same idea. Neat clean and special. The closet and the door frame where very yellow to start out.
I first primed all of the woodwork and shelves and painted them white. Then I primed all of the walls in the pantry and painted them a seagull grey oops paint $2.00.
This is the first coat of grey paint. It looks kind of dark but I wanted it to be kind of contrasty and old looking at the same time.

I got a piece of really cheap lace that I didn't mind destroying from my stash in the basement. I taped it to the wall and put newspaper on the side walls to keep them grey. I then spayed the wall of lace lightly to give it kind of a warn appearance. At least that is what I was going for. Wow, I almost got fumed right out of there. But it was quick and I opened up the windows and put on the hood fan.

Doesn't this look sweet. With all the tips for nice containers I found a few at thrift shops and got a bunch at wal-mart thanks to the hints from House of Smith's. I left the top of the pantry grey, it goes way up inside all the way to the ceiling. It was not very easy to even paint it grey, I can just imagine the lace and spay paint.
Well here it is the finished pantry. I love it.... turned out so nice and very functional now. I can't wait to do my other pantry. Other than collecting all of the jars this only took me one day and that was just because I had to wait for the paint to dry.

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