Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Thanksgiving Pie

This is the pecan pie that I made for Thanksgiving. I placed each pecan so it would look really pretty.

We have come a long way as a family this year. I have seen growth and blessings for all of us. This is the first Thanksgiving that for some reason or another we will all be apart from each other. I was very sad about this at first but it is giving us a chance to reflect on how special we are, even when we are not together.

This is my husband Zach we were married 36 years ago, he is very special to me, we have really embraced each other over the last year. He has given me three wonderful daughters, I am so thankful for his love.

This is our daughter Morgen, I am so thankful for her and she is really special to me. She was our first child. She was born in Florida and is still drawn to the beach. Morgen is a wonderful mother wife and  photographer.

This is our daughter Alison, I am thankful for her and she is also really special to me.  Alison was born in Alabama. I take care of Alison and she lives with her father and I. She is quite the talker and I love her company.

 This is our daughter Holly, I am thankful for her and she is also really special to me. Holly was born in Michigan. I flew home from Africa to have her. She is our baby, Holly is working with a wonderful group helping people who suffer from drug addiction and depression. TWLOHA  love is the movement.

This is our granddaughter Sarah, she is quite the photographer like her mom. She also likes to surf like her dad. We have special times together like this one, enough with the pictures grandma...

This is our grandson Ethen, he is a ball of energy. I love to photograph him when he comes over and he will do anything for his grandma. He is a special boy.

This is our grandson Ben, he likes to avoid grandma's camera, but I got him here in the apple orchard.  He does not talk much but he knows what he likes, and communicates that well to grandma and grandpa.

                                   This is my Thanksgiving, this is what it is all about.
                        This is what I am thankful for. This truly is my Thanksgiving Pie.

It won't be the same with out these special people. Our son in law Jamie is third from the left next to Morgen, he is a wonderful husband and father. He plays the guitar and loves to surf. Jamies mom Lynn and his dad Jim are next to him, they have become wonderful friends and we really enjoy seeing them whenever we get the chance.  Deacon is the special grand dog in the front.

This is Casper on the left and Annie on the right, they had a real love hate relationship but posed nicely for this photo. Casper is one of my granddogs and he is a rescue dog. Annie was rescued as well and she passed away this year.  I miss her very much, she is buried in the secret garden out back.


  1. The lady who wrote this is my mom, Cindy. She is very special to all of us. We love her very much. She is a wonderful mom. She has a creative spirit that doesn't know when to stop. She is generous and loving. We will miss her this Thanksgiving, but know that it is just a day. We will all be together again soon :)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your family seems nice. Don’t miss the give-a-ways, linky party and Bavarian Christmas starting 26 Nov!


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