Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mom, what does Le Chaise Parfait mean?

I sent the link of my first post to my daughters, my daughter Morgen said cool, but what does the name mean? I told her that it means the perfect couch, or chair. Since I love my couch and it has to be comfortable, I think of it as the perfect couch. I told her I guess it fits my couch potato personality. I also think of it as meaning treat, being that it is a parfait with lots of layers of wonderful stuff. We all like treats and I think of a new post as a treat. I know sometimes I can't wait to read the next days post of my favorite bloggers. My other daughter Holly said, good job mom. They are so supportive in my efforts to belong. This picture was one that I toyed with for my header. I couldn't get the fonts to do what I wanted to do. But this is the perfect couch....

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