Friday, November 19, 2010

Making A Window Picture

Pick out your window, if you are like me, the dirty ones always clean up the best. Make sure the window is really clean. I sometimes use a razor blade to make sure there are no paint spots on the glass.

Tape your picture to the back of your window. Look at the picture and see if it is the way that you want it to look when you are finished.

Now that you have your picture taped on the back of the window where you want it, take a crayon and rub where the window panes are. I do along all of the edges and rub it flat on the center area. Since the wood between the panes is larger there is less room for mistakes with the picture matching up. It is kind of like the poster goes behind the wood. Now you can take scissors and cut down the center of your crayon mark.

Put a glob of glue in a bowl and add water, you just want to be able to paint it onto the glass with a brush and not have any resistance. I make it up and sometimes even paint it on the glass with my hands to prevent a lot of bubbles in the glue.

This next step is always the one that everyone has the hardest time with. Put some clean water in your sink. Drop in one piece of your poster, just put it in and take it right out. This step is called relaxing your paper. This step is what makes your picture suck shut to the glue on the glass. I only goo up one section of glass and place one piece at a time. It will take a few minutes in between each placement to work out some of the air bubbles. Don't ever rub the picture it is very easy to tear it at this point. I use a wet sponge or a dishtowel to work out some of the larger bubbles.

Be sure to look at your poster as you do this, I numbered the pieces in the top left corner so that from the back I knew they were right side up. At this point just try to get your pieces on and the major air worked out. Be careful not to tear the poster and it is very forgiving if you do. Just move it back where it should be and leave it alone.

This is the finished window, it needs to dry for at least a day. It will look bubbly and wet under it but other than large air pockets, it will all dry clear. I try to work out some of the air bubbles after all of them are done with a credit card. You have to still be very careful not to rip the poster.

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  1. you did a great job! bubbles and stuff are very annoying.
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