Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Laundry Room Re-do Phase One

Notice my very small laundry room that is terribly crowded with all of my stuff. Hate the light that has got to go. Well this is the before picture.

Ok here is the start of the laundry room. This all started because Sears had a 20% off sale on their large appliances. I don't pay full price for anything. It is all about being thrifty right? So I go to Sears and I told the guy I have a really small laundry room and I want a full size stacking washer and dryer. I want the best set of machines that you have for the money. I want your best deal in the store. He takes me over to this most beautiful set, this is a floor model that got a scratch on the top of the washer and I can do the 20% off the sale price on this which would be almost 50% off the original price of $2,600. The scratch is on the top of the washer and it is a stacking machine, ummm the scratch won't show.

I looked around and these are really expensive machines but I need the room in there and the energy saving machines will save me money as well. I got the set for $1,400. This is a big purchase for me and I had saved up the money so I got the set. He said he would keep it for me until I made sure the laundry room was ready.

I have to take down the cupboards over the old machines because the new one is a stackable and it won't fit there. We move the machines to take down the cupboards and the wall is kind of bulging where the water hoses are. You guessed it there must be a leak behind the wall. We are going to have to repair that. We open the wall and realize this has been going on for some time with the previous owner of the house. I wonder if the floor is rotted? Yup the floor is rotted too. I guess we are going to have to repair that as well. I just wanted a new washing machine aaaahhhh!!!!

See that large blue area behind the old washing machine that is the repair. Pretty big, all old damage it seems from the previous owners of the house.  This is the floor repair, we took out all of the rotten wood and replaced it with good wood. We had to level it with bondo and then put another piece of plywood on to be able to put back the flooring. We were able to put back the flooring  that we had cut out to make the repair.

I had to move most everything out of the room and taking down the cupboards that were nailed to the walls, it did a lot of damage. I had to repair that with some patch tape and wall patch. 

I think I patched about 8 holes the size of tennis balls. You don't nail cupboards to the wall, they don't come down real easy. Uh! I have to let this dry and patch it again and then let it dry and patch it again... until I get it the right height and then I can sand. 
Oh know!!! this means I am going to have to paint the whole room. The ceiling does not look that bad but since I am painting the walls I really should paint the ceiling. I don't have time for this, with the holidays and all.


  1. Woah! It can never be that easy right? I have heard about the leaking laundry in a couple of other posts this week. I think I'm going to check behind mine when I get home! On a happier note. I'm excited to see the new washer/dryer!

  2. Sounds like a time line that I'm familiar with. Whenever we start a new house project I think it will take a weekend. It always end up being a 2 month project for some reason. Hope yours get done quicker. It will be fun to chose the paint though.


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