Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Laundry Room Re-do Phase One

Notice my very small laundry room that is terribly crowded with all of my stuff. Hate the light that has got to go. Well this is the before picture.

Ok here is the start of the laundry room. This all started because Sears had a 20% off sale on their large appliances. I don't pay full price for anything. It is all about being thrifty right? So I go to Sears and I told the guy I have a really small laundry room and I want a full size stacking washer and dryer. I want the best set of machines that you have for the money. I want your best deal in the store. He takes me over to this most beautiful set, this is a floor model that got a scratch on the top of the washer and I can do the 20% off the sale price on this which would be almost 50% off the original price of $2,600. The scratch is on the top of the washer and it is a stacking machine, ummm the scratch won't show.

I looked around and these are really expensive machines but I need the room in there and the energy saving machines will save me money as well. I got the set for $1,400. This is a big purchase for me and I had saved up the money so I got the set. He said he would keep it for me until I made sure the laundry room was ready.

I have to take down the cupboards over the old machines because the new one is a stackable and it won't fit there. We move the machines to take down the cupboards and the wall is kind of bulging where the water hoses are. You guessed it there must be a leak behind the wall. We are going to have to repair that. We open the wall and realize this has been going on for some time with the previous owner of the house. I wonder if the floor is rotted? Yup the floor is rotted too. I guess we are going to have to repair that as well. I just wanted a new washing machine aaaahhhh!!!!

See that large blue area behind the old washing machine that is the repair. Pretty big, all old damage it seems from the previous owners of the house.  This is the floor repair, we took out all of the rotten wood and replaced it with good wood. We had to level it with bondo and then put another piece of plywood on to be able to put back the flooring. We were able to put back the flooring  that we had cut out to make the repair.

I had to move most everything out of the room and taking down the cupboards that were nailed to the walls, it did a lot of damage. I had to repair that with some patch tape and wall patch. 

I think I patched about 8 holes the size of tennis balls. You don't nail cupboards to the wall, they don't come down real easy. Uh! I have to let this dry and patch it again and then let it dry and patch it again... until I get it the right height and then I can sand. 
Oh know!!! this means I am going to have to paint the whole room. The ceiling does not look that bad but since I am painting the walls I really should paint the ceiling. I don't have time for this, with the holidays and all.

Thrifted Gifts are done

I wanted to let everyone see what I have done with my thrift items. I bought a bunch of stuff and wanted to make things for Christmas out of them. They turned out really cute. Here are the items before I worked on them.

I painted everything black because that seems to be the new white. I took some old pages out of vintage scrap books. They are hard to work with because they are very brittle. I picked out some images and printed them onto the vintage scrap book pages. I then decoupaged them to the pieces.

I think the clock turned out really nice. I put a coat of modge podge over the top after the pieces had dried. I also used rub and buff antique gold on the front of the clock and around the face area.

The other pieces turned out pretty good too. I can't believe that is the same ugly little .50 cent plaque.

I decided to do a few of the boxes as well I like to give candy and treats in something during the holidays.  I look for these at yard sales and then make them into my containers to give at Christmas.

All of these cost me just 5.00 to make, I had the paint and the paper. It is amazing what you can come up with on our thrifted items.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thrift finds

Here are some of my thrift finds, several wood boxes, a tin frame and a plaque. I got all of this including the little frames for $5.00. I will show you what I am going to do with them. I have some gift ideas in mind for some of this for Christmas. I also got this clock for $3.00, I have plans to decoupage this but I don't know if I can part with it or not when it is done.

The Little Chest is done. How Cute

This is the cute little chest when I started out. It was missing knobs, the top was loose, the leg was falling off, a real mess.  But, it was the perfect little chest for in my bedroom and I had to have it even though it was a whopping $20.00. I took off all of the hardware, cleaned the surface, sanded and glued the top to the bottom. There was still a big gap between the top 3 drawer section and the bottom section but I decided I could trim that out. Both top surfaces are laminate so I had to sand them really good to take the paint. I painted it with a really good primer, then with sugar white oops paint.  White oops paint is quite the find. I fixed the leg and added some wood antique trim. I got a huge bundle of beaded wood trim at a yard sale along with a bunch of dowels. I love the trim and put it on special pieces to add some style.

Wow it turned out really cute, see all of the beaded trim that I added. I took off some decorations that were on the chest and because of the new knobs could not use them but I will save them for another project. I had to put several of the knobs upside down on the top portion because of the little drawers they did not fit right but I like them that way. I got these knobs from my stash and painted and sanded them to get the look that I wanted. 

Here is where I added a small trim to cover the gap between the top of the chest and the bottom of the chest.  It looks really sweet in my bedroom and it took me about 3 days with all of the gluing that I had to do.  I bought new drawer stays and I need to attach them so they are not so wonkey, but other than that I just love how this piece turned out. 

Tomorrow I start on my laundry room makeover, Oh boy I hope I am ready for this one.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thrift find of the Week

I found this picture at a local thrift store. I was attracted to the frame that was sticking out of a bunch of frames. When I pulled it out I was really surprised at what it was, even more surprised with the $2.00 price tag.  I also found this fabric and I really love it when I find it for a good price. These pieces were only $1.00 per curtain panel. I also bought the white lace trimmed valance, I use it a lot of this type of fabric in my sewing projects.

I plan to use these curtain panels in my studio. I don't know where but they will be great.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Thanksgiving Pie

This is the pecan pie that I made for Thanksgiving. I placed each pecan so it would look really pretty.

We have come a long way as a family this year. I have seen growth and blessings for all of us. This is the first Thanksgiving that for some reason or another we will all be apart from each other. I was very sad about this at first but it is giving us a chance to reflect on how special we are, even when we are not together.

This is my husband Zach we were married 36 years ago, he is very special to me, we have really embraced each other over the last year. He has given me three wonderful daughters, I am so thankful for his love.

This is our daughter Morgen, I am so thankful for her and she is really special to me. She was our first child. She was born in Florida and is still drawn to the beach. Morgen is a wonderful mother wife and  photographer.

This is our daughter Alison, I am thankful for her and she is also really special to me.  Alison was born in Alabama. I take care of Alison and she lives with her father and I. She is quite the talker and I love her company.

 This is our daughter Holly, I am thankful for her and she is also really special to me. Holly was born in Michigan. I flew home from Africa to have her. She is our baby, Holly is working with a wonderful group helping people who suffer from drug addiction and depression. TWLOHA  love is the movement.

This is our granddaughter Sarah, she is quite the photographer like her mom. She also likes to surf like her dad. We have special times together like this one, enough with the pictures grandma...

This is our grandson Ethen, he is a ball of energy. I love to photograph him when he comes over and he will do anything for his grandma. He is a special boy.

This is our grandson Ben, he likes to avoid grandma's camera, but I got him here in the apple orchard.  He does not talk much but he knows what he likes, and communicates that well to grandma and grandpa.

                                   This is my Thanksgiving, this is what it is all about.
                        This is what I am thankful for. This truly is my Thanksgiving Pie.

It won't be the same with out these special people. Our son in law Jamie is third from the left next to Morgen, he is a wonderful husband and father. He plays the guitar and loves to surf. Jamies mom Lynn and his dad Jim are next to him, they have become wonderful friends and we really enjoy seeing them whenever we get the chance.  Deacon is the special grand dog in the front.

This is Casper on the left and Annie on the right, they had a real love hate relationship but posed nicely for this photo. Casper is one of my granddogs and he is a rescue dog. Annie was rescued as well and she passed away this year.  I miss her very much, she is buried in the secret garden out back.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Little French Chest

Wow,  I think I really paid too much for this little piece, $20.00.   I never pay that much for a piece but it is exactly what I need for my bedroom, for my smaller pieces of clothing. I know that I can make this piece wonderful, even though it is missing knobs and all.

The front leg is hanging and the drawers are kind of wonky. The top portion is loose from the bottom portion but all in all it is what I want. I did smell it first to make sure I was not in for the smelly piece.

I am kind of worried about matching up the knobs or coming up with some alternative.  I do have a stash of knobs that I collect when I see bags of knobs at yard sales.  I don't run into nice knobs that often, but when I find them at the right price I grab them. One of my motto's "buy the knobs the dresser will come".  I hope this piece does not take forever I am really excited about getting it done.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Ugly Little Pantry

This is my ugly little pantry. This pantry was stuffed full of containers that I thought I needed to save. It also had place mats from when my girls were young. ( 20 years ago) I even had little Christmas houses stored in here and found cookie tins from who knows when. I took bags of stuff to the thrift shop and donated them. My grand kids got the place mats and I actually found a few large jars that I could use in my revamped pantry. So I saw a pantry redone on  The House of Smith's it is really cute so I kind of went with the same idea. Neat clean and special. The closet and the door frame where very yellow to start out.
I first primed all of the woodwork and shelves and painted them white. Then I primed all of the walls in the pantry and painted them a seagull grey oops paint $2.00.
This is the first coat of grey paint. It looks kind of dark but I wanted it to be kind of contrasty and old looking at the same time.

I got a piece of really cheap lace that I didn't mind destroying from my stash in the basement. I taped it to the wall and put newspaper on the side walls to keep them grey. I then spayed the wall of lace lightly to give it kind of a warn appearance. At least that is what I was going for. Wow, I almost got fumed right out of there. But it was quick and I opened up the windows and put on the hood fan.

Doesn't this look sweet. With all the tips for nice containers I found a few at thrift shops and got a bunch at wal-mart thanks to the hints from House of Smith's. I left the top of the pantry grey, it goes way up inside all the way to the ceiling. It was not very easy to even paint it grey, I can just imagine the lace and spay paint.
Well here it is the finished pantry. I love it.... turned out so nice and very functional now. I can't wait to do my other pantry. Other than collecting all of the jars this only took me one day and that was just because I had to wait for the paint to dry.

Mom, what does Le Chaise Parfait mean?

I sent the link of my first post to my daughters, my daughter Morgen said cool, but what does the name mean? I told her that it means the perfect couch, or chair. Since I love my couch and it has to be comfortable, I think of it as the perfect couch. I told her I guess it fits my couch potato personality. I also think of it as meaning treat, being that it is a parfait with lots of layers of wonderful stuff. We all like treats and I think of a new post as a treat. I know sometimes I can't wait to read the next days post of my favorite bloggers. My other daughter Holly said, good job mom. They are so supportive in my efforts to belong. This picture was one that I toyed with for my header. I couldn't get the fonts to do what I wanted to do. But this is the perfect couch....

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Yeah!!! I Sold the Dragon in the Laundry Room

This Dragon was purchased a long time ago and my husband refused to put it up. I guess it was not his taste. I had all kinds of plans for it in one of my gardens. Oh well, I put it on Ebay yesterday because this Dragon has been in my laundry room for a very long time.  I got an e-mail today saying that someone had purchased this guy for $150. Yeah!!! I put that for my over the top buy it now price. I just listed this darling yesterday... BYE BYE Puff, you were so cute in there with the "It ain't easy being queen" sign hanging from your tail.
     I see all of the wonderful things that you guys do on all of your wonderful blogs and  it just inspires me to remodel the whole house. I will show you some pictures of the start of the laundry remodel next week and a few other small projects.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Today is my First Post...

Today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. That sign used to hang in the outhouse that we had at the cottage when I was a little girl. Yes, I said outhouse. I guess if I am going to let you into parts of my life, as well as parts of my creative life, I should not hide anything. I am 55 years old and I have 3 of the most wonderful daughters that anyone could ask for. I also have three wonderful grandchildren, I am sure you will see them on here too. I wanted to welcome you to my blog where I will be sharing my projects, from art to redecorating. I hope you enjoy and I intend to share how to do most of my projects so that you can try them as well. No secrets here, I love to share.

Making A Window Picture

Pick out your window, if you are like me, the dirty ones always clean up the best. Make sure the window is really clean. I sometimes use a razor blade to make sure there are no paint spots on the glass.

Tape your picture to the back of your window. Look at the picture and see if it is the way that you want it to look when you are finished.

Now that you have your picture taped on the back of the window where you want it, take a crayon and rub where the window panes are. I do along all of the edges and rub it flat on the center area. Since the wood between the panes is larger there is less room for mistakes with the picture matching up. It is kind of like the poster goes behind the wood. Now you can take scissors and cut down the center of your crayon mark.

Put a glob of glue in a bowl and add water, you just want to be able to paint it onto the glass with a brush and not have any resistance. I make it up and sometimes even paint it on the glass with my hands to prevent a lot of bubbles in the glue.

This next step is always the one that everyone has the hardest time with. Put some clean water in your sink. Drop in one piece of your poster, just put it in and take it right out. This step is called relaxing your paper. This step is what makes your picture suck shut to the glue on the glass. I only goo up one section of glass and place one piece at a time. It will take a few minutes in between each placement to work out some of the air bubbles. Don't ever rub the picture it is very easy to tear it at this point. I use a wet sponge or a dishtowel to work out some of the larger bubbles.

Be sure to look at your poster as you do this, I numbered the pieces in the top left corner so that from the back I knew they were right side up. At this point just try to get your pieces on and the major air worked out. Be careful not to tear the poster and it is very forgiving if you do. Just move it back where it should be and leave it alone.

This is the finished window, it needs to dry for at least a day. It will look bubbly and wet under it but other than large air pockets, it will all dry clear. I try to work out some of the air bubbles after all of them are done with a credit card. You have to still be very careful not to rip the poster.