Thursday, December 30, 2010

Back from the Beach

I am back and I must say I have a wonderful time when my grand kids are involved. We flew to Cocoa Beach because we only had 6 days, driving would have taken just about 3 of the days totally away.

 Our first morning we went to the beach to catch the sunrise. It was amazing and no one was there so I didn't have to pause to keep people out of my pictures. I was snapping away while my husband talked to a surfer, he did not get any pictures that were of the actual sunrise. I love the silhouette of the sea oats they always add so much to my photos.

They don't realize it but they are protecting these beautiful sea oats right out of existence.  A plant has to be picked and cut to be able to be healthy and come back.  If you don't stimulate the plant to come back it won't. When you prune a plant it comes back twice as full and beautiful.

 Our funky bamboo lamp was decorated so pretty I had to get a picture, the stocking were hung from the staircase and my daughter had decorated the wall with wrapping paper trees. It all looked really festive.

We have a chalk board wall by the kitchen that is a lot of fun.  Our family's can leave a message for the next family that is going to use the house and it is fun to see what everyone has to say.

Casper loves to sun himself on the deck, he is one of my grand dogs. I painted the deck the last time I was there and it turned out so cute. The deck is dying and needs to be replaced but we are holding out for a few years. There is so much to do when you buy a place and want to fix things. We got a surprise of having to replace the air conditioning unit so that took a lot of our budget the first year.

We now have a Tiki, we almost had two. My husband likes to buy things right before Christmas and he usually has the same item already wrapped and under the tree. I love this Tiki he is perfect for our house.

Here is after we opened all of our gifts, oh my. Everyone had such a great Christmas and it was so fun watching my grand children open their gifts. Eleven people in the little house, it was a lot of fun to be together.

Rudolph somehow ended up with fangs, one person would erase them and another would add them back.  There is Morgen in the background with her new apron on making our Christmas dinner. It was all so good.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Talents of my Daughters

My daughters are very creative souls. All of them have talents that they don't even realize, but they all reach out and grab me. They have all developed into wonderful women and express their talents in many ways.  Here is a selection of each of their artistic talents.

 This little guy was made by Morgen my oldest daughter. Isn't he adorable.

This was made by Alison, I scanned this last year and she gave them as gifts to family members.

This was made by Holly my youngest daughter I love the fabrics that she chose and the cute vintage buttons and charm that this has.  It is so sweet.  You girls thrill me in ways that you never even realize. Just pictures of what you create brings joy to my heart. I love all of you.  mom

Heading South for the Winter, I wish

Zach, Alison and I are heading South for the week. Since we are scheduled to leave at  5:00 a.m. from Richmond International Airport, we decided to stay at a Hotel near the airport.  Richmond is a two hour drive from our house and I can't imagine why we should even go to bed if we had to get up by 2: a.m. to get there by 4: a.m.  I called the airport and parking is $12.00 a day, which would come to $84.00 for the time that we are gone. Then I called the hotel which is very nice I might add, they have free parking for up to ten days, if you take their shuttle to the airport. The hotel is $99.00 a night, take off the cost of parking and that makes the hotel $5.00 for the night with the free shuttle to the airport. I love  thrift shopping even when it comes to stuff like this.

We are flying to Cocoa Beach to join the family for the Christmas Holiday. It should be fun to see everyone again. We have a great time and always eat too much. I will resume blogging when we get back on the 29th.  I am sending a farewell and happy holidays to everyone.  We are on our way!!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Craiges List Find

Sometimes I go quite far for a Craige's List find. I was looking for a bed for a customer who's daughter had MS. They wanted to get her a bed fit for a princess, since she went through so many bouts of bed rest.  I found an add on Craige's for an ornate bedroom set,  I went a long way to pick it up.

She wanted $150.00 it was beautiful. It was in really bad shape. The lady said that she was ready for a change. I bought the vanity as well even though my customers only needed the bed. There were areas missing on the tops of the vanity. Both pieces were in really bad shape and even some of the scroll work was missing. I paid her price, I felt she needed the money and didn't try to talk her down. I like to be fair to people and if they have a good price, then I am willing to pay that price.

Oh my, I knew this was a really a beauty and would be wonderful for their daughter.

I took these three pictures of the vanity and then the battery went dead. I had to work on these today. I went ahead and finished the pieces with out a before of the bed. It looked just like the vanity. Old dried out and had seen a much better day.

     I got to work with some liquid sand and wiped the pieces down completely. I pulled off any broken scroll work so the sides balanced with anything that was missing. I sanded and glued the parts that were loose and finally started to prime the pieces. I got both of them primed and the mother came by to see what I had gotten for her daughter.  She loved the bed primed just like it was and wanted the bed to come home just like that. She loved the shabby look of all of the rather thin areas and loved that it still looked old and yet somehow elegant.  I told her it was fine and that we could sand it a little to make sure there were no drips or brush hairs in the paint and I would bring it to her house. Her little girl was thrilled. 

The detail on this bed was incredible. I sold the vanity as well. It was not hard to after it was completely painted. It went really fast and I must say the $150. investment brought me a huge profit.

I had fun doing these pieces especially when I saw how happy the people were who got them.  They were very excited to get the bed for their daughter and she loved it.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Projects I am working on

Well I have been working on a few projects for Christmas and thought I would share them. I finally found a couple little bottle brush trees at a drug store and bleached them. I have heard that you can do that, but I didn't want to do it to one of my old ones.

 I bought the two of these for $1.40.  I put water in the sink and poured in bleach, quite a bit and let them sit. When I came back they were perfect. It took about a half an hour and then I rinsed them good and put them in the window to dry. A lot of the fake snow fell off but they look a lot older now too.

I am working on another wreath and rolling my little heart out. I have an old hymnal that I am using with the sheet music and putting it all together.  I made about 8 of these last year.

My daughter said she left her's here and I can't find it so I am making her another one. I want it to be special so I am changing the center and will post it later to show you the difference in this one and the ones that I made last year. They turn out so pretty and you can hang them all year long.

I had better get back to work so that I can finish some of what I have started.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Plastic Plaques for the Guest Room Oh My!!

These are some plastic plaques that I found at the thrift shop for $1.99. I thought I could do something with them and love the curly aspect of them. Here is the before. I don't really like the copper look with the black paint on it. I am sure it would look great some where.

I went to my daughters yesterday to be with my grandson's while she worked and took this little project along.  My grandson Ethen was playing a game on the computer and since he can't read I would do that part of the game for him. He really does quite well other than that. I sat next to him and painted on my little plaques.

I used gesso so that I would get a little texture and these would look kind of like plaster.

I painted the frame first,  then I painted the round putty colored area and then wiped off the paint leaving white paint in all of the cracks and background areas. I like the white to look a little shabby on the frame, so I paint it white and then when it is dry, I dry brush another coat just on the top of the relief.

I like this look and it will look great on either side of my bed in the guest room. Who knew plastic could be so pretty.

Here is a picture of one that is finished against what I started out with. Some difference.

 Here they are both finished, now I need to hunt for the summer and fall from this set. I think this must be spring and winter. For more craft ideas check out Apron Thrift Girl.


Thrift finds of the week

Went thrift shopping to try and finish up some of my gifts. Every year I buy myself stuff and wrap it up from Alison. It is funny because on Christmas morning I thank her for all of the gifts that she got me and she is so happy that she made my day.

Here is one of the items that Alison will give to me. It is so cute, a $1.00 pin cushion that looks like a crown. The thimble attatches to the top and the base of the crown has a little ring that you pull out a measuring tape. Too cute.

The .50 cent poodle bottle topper, we have someone in the family who loves old poodle stuff. I love these little metal boxes and this one will be wrapped to me from Alison, it was $1.00.

 Pink pyrex with a top, $1.00 this is going to someone in the family who likes this kind of thing.

I found this nativity set for a dollar. It is so cute I am thinking under a small glass dome or something. I got the gold ribbon of lights for .99 cents.

Ugly plastic plaques for $1.99. I knew I could improve these and they will look great in my guest room. Another gift for Alison to wrap. Hee Hee

The doily was .50 the frame was 1.50 the little brass bird .25 the set of gold glitter snow flakes were .50 the tray was .50 and the little porcelain box was .50

The bandage jar was 2.00 and we have lots of bandages.

I think this is a really ugly dress form, but when I get done with it, it will be adorable. It is about 2 ft tall and cost me $4.00. I know I am crazy but wait until you see the after of this. See the missing area where there should be a curly wire????  I am going to hang a crystal there.

All in all I had a very good thrifting morning. We had a good time and only went to a few places. I love days like this. 


The Tree is finished

I love the tree this year, it was so fun picking it out and bringing back all the memories of picking one out with my dad. I have been busy,  but we finally got the tree trimmed. Here it is.

I need to go and get the skirt for under the tree and add a few gifts. I think that is what I will try and do today. Besides all I have to do is bake some cookies, do the cards, mail the packages, get the gifts for the neighbors ready

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tuesday with the tots

I am away Tuesday to sit with my grandsons. They are so cute and I really enjoy their company, even though they always wear me out.  I just miss them so much when they are not around. "Ethen and Ben please promise not to wear grandma out too fast ok"?

I am on my way early to be there by 9:am I have over an hour drive so I need to leave by 7:30 just to make sure I don't run into any of the D.C. Traffic. My daughter is decorating some beautiful trees for a very special lady that she works for.  She does wonderful flowers for the executive offices of B.E.T. in D.C. every week and will spend the day putting in some wonderful Christmas trees.  I can't wait to see you guys, maybe we can go to the playground at McDonald's and wear you guys out. Hee Hee

Gift Basket Craft

My husband told me to make it easy on myself and give his parents and my parents a gift basket. I went to all the sites offering gift baskets and not only was I surprised at the cost, but I was really surprised at the quality, or lack of quality of the items in the baskets. Oh know! I can feel my thrift kicking in.

I went to the thrift shop and got a couple of cute baskets.

I didn't pay much for any of the baskets and then went around the thrift shop to find little decorations  for in the baskets.

I got most of these decorations for $1.00 each between the thrift shop and the dollar store.

Got the poinsettias for .50 and thought I could use those to cut apart and decorate the baskets. I just loved this cute little plate and had to have it.

 Then I went to the amish bulk food store and found all kinds of really neat stuff that was very inexpensive. I had to repackage all of the bulk stuff into smaller bags and tied a pretty toole bow on each after rolling them in baggies and taping them shut. I had fun picking out the stuff they like.

Here is what I came up with

 I think this one came out cute, Alison found a cute santa mug and paid for it with her own money for in the basket for grandma. 

This one has bells that hang on the door knob, they were $1.00 at the dollar store.

They all came out so cute I did a few more as gifts. The ones that had to be shipped I wrapped in paper and just slipped them into a box with newspaper all around. 
Merry Christmas Grandma and Grandpa

For more great ideas be sure to visit the link partys at Apron Thrift Girl